5th Grade Band

5th Grade Band Family Information Night

Band directors will be available  for two evenings to help students finalize their instrument choice, answer questions, and provide information about school-instrument rentals.  Additionally, two local music stores will be on-site to provide information about instrument sales and rentals.  

Families are invited to sign-up to attend one of two events:

  • Monday, August 31 at Liberty

  • Wednesday, September 2 at Journey

Please Note:

  1. Sign Up for a 15-minute time slot.
    1. We strongly encourage face masks at this event.
    2. Families are asked to limit the number of attendees.
  2. Are You Ready to Sign Up for Band?
    1. Please sign up for a time to visit us on Family Information Night using the link above. Additionally, to sign your child up for band at their school, please use this link. 
    2. The deadline to sign your child up for band is September 11th.