Harrisburg High School Programs

Traditional Program

  • Traditional classes cover content in a similar fashion to your Middle School Experience
  • Teachers will lead a majority of the lessons, discussions and learning. Technology is used to disseminate content
  • You may have some flipped (video recorded lessons) and other teaching techniques
  • Assessments will have final due dates and late work has a negative affect on grades
  • Students move at the pace of the teacher and the class regardless of mastery of content.

Customized Learning

Customized Learning is set up to allow student to move at their own pace and give more choice in demonstrating learning

  • Curriculum is set up in MT's (Measurement Topics) and LT’s (Learning Targets)
  • Students are required to master content at a minimum of a “C” grade level before they move forward with new content.
  • Students in this program are given more freedom and responsibility in their learning
  • Teachers provide a Pacing Guide which give parents and students a timeline for finishing the course within a semester or a year
  • The CL program allows for acceleration or remediation as needed
  • Zones are available for students work with content teachers in areas of need
  • Students are encouraged to communicate and set meetings with instructors

Students in the CL Program have noted the following character qualities for success:

  • Self Advocacy
  • Time Management
  • School Involvement
  • Goal and Plan setting
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Persistence 


Content specific study groups that are lead by a certified teacher in each content area. Students are can choose the zones they need/want based on content.


Elective classes are taught in a Traditional fashion with some unique techniques in each:

  • Wellness - Personal fitness plans completed by each student
  • CTE - Contract and Project Based
  • PLTW - Medical based Courses
  • Art - Choice in Project Based
  • Music - Try-Out based

Special Education

  • All student IEP’s are continued in the HS in all Programs
  • Students are assigned to Grade Level Special Education Teachers
  • Students have access to multiple Special Education Aides
  • Students can be added to Special Education through TAT process

Advanced Placement & Dual Credit Courses

  • Courses can be taken throughout High School Career
  • Credits are earned at the College & High School Level
  • These are delivered in a variety of forms:
    • Taught by HHS Staff
    • Online
    • On-Campus (Augie, USF, University Center)
  • AP = Requires passing a final exam with a score of 3+
  • DC = Requires passing the course with an C or higher
  • Courses have final testing and ending dates

Early College

  • Early College is a new program offering College Level classes to HHS Seniors
  • HHS will pay for a majority of the costs associated with approved credits
  • Students who achieve 22 credits by the 1st semester of their senior year (24 by the 2nd semester),and are on track to graduate are eligible.
  • More information is available upon request 

Leap High

Learning Environment for Alternative Placement

  • LEAP High is our Alternative School Setting
  • Student choses this pathway for multiple reasons:
    • Credit Recovery
    • Medical Needs
    • Behavioral Issues
    • Anxiety
    • Alternative setting
    • Socioeconomic Needs
  • This pathway is for Juniors and Seniors - exceptions do occur
  • LEAP High is located west of the High School on Campus