Join A Growing Number of Business Partners

Are you interested in partnering with the Harrisburg School District to provide opportunities for our learners to learn about careers in your field? Harrisburg has students willing and able to receive hands-on experience and learn about the spectrum of job opportunities in your business.

To participate, please contact Travis Lape at 605-743-2567 extension 3392 or email at



  • We are looking for any business/industry partners who want to visit about their workplace needs and how we can come together to build a workforce with the right skill sets.


  • The district will have a career coach who will be the point of contact for your business/industry. This individual will also come out to your site and observe the intern in action. The Department of Labor will also provide resources to help navigate any youth labor laws.


  • Each intern will be required to put in a minimum of 10 hours a week. During the internship we want our interns to experience a spectrum of careers in your company. Our goal is that they can see the entry-level positions as well as any paths to move forward in the company.


  • We want our students to invest in your company and your company to invest in our students. Our internships are paid positions, and we are happy to discuss this aspect of the program with you, so you feel you are receiving the value our students provide.