Advanced Programs in Harrisburg

What is best for gifted students is what is best for all students: a spectrum of services that address their varying needs and provide significant differentiation of content, process product and environment in response to these diverse needs. Employing evidence-based programming will enable them to reach their potential.


  • Accelerated Pace- instruction is telescoped and matched to student need and content standards at their performance level

  • Significant time is spent with other able learners

  • Inquiry-based learning addresses issues and concepts

  • Flexible Groupings/ Assessments inform instruction

  • Individual Research and Study

  • Teachers have strong content knowledge as well as a degree/endorsement in teaching or significant experiences with students who are gifted

  • Learning responses call for higher levels of thinking, divergent and abstract thinking, and problem-solving

  • Active, student-based learning focuses on problems, simulations, proof and reasoning

  • Coherent K-12 curriculum with smooth transitions

  • Diverse and appropriate materials (matched to the advanced and modified curriculum) need to be accessible

  • Learning environment supports each student’s social/emotional growth and their ability to self-regulate


  • Referral from teacher or parent

  • Checklist of characteristics

  • Achievement Tests- 4 areas

  • IQ Test

  • Creativity Assessment

  • Matrix Score


Tiger Reserve

Tiger Reserve is the full-time option available to students in grades 2,3,4 and 5 from any elementary building. Students must be identified as TAG in order to participate at the elementary level. Students and families electing to join a full-time Tiger Reserve option need to know that students are expected to work hard to develop the following academic behaviors and habits:

  • be self-motivated and come to class to learn

  • be willing to work at a faster pace

  • participate actively in class and do not stop the learning of others

  • produce quality work complete nightly homework and long term projects

  • demonstrate an intense desire to be challenged by breadth and depth of course content

Tiger Trek

Tiger Trek is the send-out option available at the elementary level. Students participate in academic enrichment/extension lessons for a three day block once a month within a multi-age grouping. 

Advanced Courses in Middle & High School

  • Reading

  • Language Arts

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • AP/Dual Credit

  • Academic Contests

How Is Advanced Content Different?

Content, Process, Product & Learning Environment are modified to best meet the needs of these learners. Content may be 1 - 3 years above grade level.