Better Together: 

Building Partnerships Between Schools, Community & Business

Major Sponsorships/High School Gymnasium & Stadium Advertising

Three different levels of sponsorship are available for businesses or individuals wishing to make a five-year commitment of support to the district. These levels involve varying levels of signage within the high school gymnasium and Tiger Stadium and other promotional opportunities.

Contact  Jim Altenburg at 605-743-2567, extension 3014 for inquiries.

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stadium scoreboard

Photos Courtesy Jon Klemme


Sign Board Advertising

The Harrisburg School District has electronic signboards at each of our eight locations:

South End Schools:

  • HHS

  • South Middle School

  • Liberty Elementary

  • Freedom Elementary

North End Schools:

  • North Middle School/Endeavor Elementary (shared)

  • Journey Elementary

  • Explorer Elementary

  • Horizon Elementary

Limited static advertising spots are located below the electronic signs as well.

To advertise, please contact JoAnne VerMulm at 605-743-2567, extension 6143.

Industry Partnerships

The Harrisburg community is growing rapidly both residentially and in new businesses. Harrisburg School District welcomes your business or individual partnership, whether it be through career exploration opportunities with our high school students or through sponsorships of the many innovative projects developing around the district. It is an opportunity to give back to the community, provide innovative programming for our students, and have your business recognized for supporting our district through public promotion through social media, HSD website, and press releases. 

Contact Travis Lape at 605-743-2567 extension 3392 for inquiries.

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the bridge magazine

Community Partners

The Bridge is a magazine that includes content from the Harrisburg (SD) School District, Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Harrisburg. The goal is to "bridge the gap" in communication and to celebrate and connect the Harrisburg community that includes the quickly expanding southern part of Sioux Falls and the city of Harrisburg.

Contact  JoAnne VerMulm at 605-743-2567, extension 6143.

Connections at Every Level

At the elementary level, career exploration looks different, it is all about exploration and inquiry. Learner Interest Day provides career exploration where learners are able to choose a presentation and hands-on experience with one of the district’s partners. Learners hear about the presenters' occupational journeys and get to “try out” a skill or two relating to the pathway. These events open doors to learners allowing them to explore careers in healthcare, skilled trades, education, hospitality and tourism, agriculture, creative arts, business, and more. 

We are happy to walk you through ideas, concepts, and help create activities that align with your business or organization to suit learners in elementary school. If you’d like to get involved in a Learner Interest Day event by hosting a session at one of our elementary buildings, please reach out Breanne Lynch or Travis Lape.

learner interest day