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Career & Technical Education

The Harrisburg School District has made great strides in the past five years to expand Career & Technical Education (CTE) opportunities for our students. With the assistance of industry partners, we have been able to provide state-of-the-art facilities and programming for the future workforce of South Dakota - right here on our HSD campuses and first-hand experiences in the field.

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Breanne Lynch | Career & Education Coordinator
Office: 605.743.2567 x3468 Cell: 605.660.4265

Elementary Level

Learner Interest Day

Harrisburg School District strives to keep our learners engaged and excited about their education. Each year we invite business and community partners to share more about their career, passion, or interests with our learners. We know the importance of choice-based inquiry and are excited to plan our next Learner Interest Days. We cannot do this without our fabulous community partners!

We are focused on meeting learners at their level. Personalized Learner Interest Days blend learners in their respective buildings, giving learners voice and choice to cultivate their interests on a deeper level.

Session Format

Our goal is to give learners the option of 15-20 sessions; each presenter will have a teacher/staff member to help facilitate discussion and assist. Learners will register for the session they wish to attend and their classroom facilitator will be there to lend support. Most sessions will have 20-24 learners.

Most buildings that host Kindergarten & 1st grade options will have 20-minute sessions and learners will attend two sessions; 2nd - 5th grade sessions will run for 45-minutes, learners will attend one session.

A Hands-On Experience

We want Learner Interest Day to continue to be as interactive and hands-on as possible. We can help get your materials ready for our learners - if you need copies made, let us know. We’ve had sessions with craft kits, cookies, and power tools, we can make it work! If your session best suits a specific age group, please make that note on the registration form. If you have any questions or ideas that you would like help to develop, please reach out to Breanne, contact information is listed below.

If you believe your company/organization or skill set would be a great fit for our learners’ interests, please contact us! We are excited to partner with local business and community leaders to share career and skill development presentations with our learners. Together let’s show kids all of the amazing opportunities that await them!

If you have an interest in participating, please contact Breanne Lynch, Career & Technical Education Coordinator. Together we can bring wonderful presentations, career-focused skill development, and lots of fun to our learners.

Middle School Level

Exploratory Wheel of CTE

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) program at the middle school level in the Harrisburg School District is an innovative and dynamic part of the curriculum. It incorporates a variety of hands-on, experiential learning opportunities across different career fields. Students in middle school engage in a rotational course model known as "the wheel," which allows them to explore various CTE areas as they progress through grades 6 to 8. The curriculum includes family and consumer science, technology and engineering education, and exploratory entrepreneurship, blending current events with design thinking in a format reminiscent of Shark Tank. Partnerships with local industry and community organizations further enhance the learning experience, making CTE a pivotal component of middle school education in the district.

High School Level

Diverse and Dynamic Opportunities in CTE

Career and Technical Education (CTE) at the high school level in the Harrisburg School District is a comprehensive and dynamic program designed to provide students with practical, hands-on learning experiences that prepare them for a wide range of career paths. Key aspects of the high school CTE program include:

  • Diverse Pathways and Opportunities: The CTE program at the high school level is structured to support students regardless of their post-secondary aspirations, whether it's entering the workforce directly, pursuing apprenticeships, obtaining certifications, or continuing with higher education. The program is inclusive and beneficial for all students, regardless of their future career goals.

  • Practical, Hands-On Learning: CTE classes at Harrisburg High School emphasize active, hands-on learning. Students engage in practical activities, whether in culinary arts, automotive technology, or other CTE areas, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment. This approach to education is seen as more engaging and effective, moving away from traditional, passive learning models.

  • Achievement of Certifications and Credentials: The CTE program has been successful in enabling students to earn certifications and credentials that are directly applicable to various career fields. For example, students have earned certifications in areas like general or residential construction and CNA, providing them with valuable skills that can be used in real-world settings, even while pursuing further education.

  • Community and Industry Partnerships: A significant aspect of the CTE program is its collaboration with community and industry partners. These partnerships allow for a more relevant and enriched learning experience. Students have opportunities to engage with professionals and gain insights into various industries, such as through partnerships with local nursing programs where students practice vital signs alongside professionals.

Overall, the high school CTE program in Harrisburg is a multifaceted and inclusive program that prepares students for a variety of post-secondary paths, emphasizes hands-on and practical learning, and fosters community connections and real-world experiences.