Meeting the Needs of Every Learner

Dr. Michael Amolins | 6-12 Curriculum Director
Dr. Tanya Rasmussen | K-5 Curriculum Director

In a recent spotlight film created by the new Harrisburg School District Communications Director, JoAnne VerMulm, HSD staff were challenged to answer the question “In one word, who are we?” As you might imagine, the responses we received covered a wide variety of characteristics: Innovative, Empowering, Supportive, Exceptional, Connected – the list goes on. As a district, we are extremely proud of the fact that we are able to offer a diverse slate of academic, social, and emotional development programs built on a foundation of community values, research-based best practices, and cutting-edge technology and resources. What ties all of these characteristics together is that in the Harrisburg School District we are dedicated to meeting the needs of every learner and educating with a whole-child philosophy.

No matter how large our district becomes, we have managed to maintain that “small town feel,” showing just how much each and every person means to our district and how important it is that we provide every opportunity possible for the children of Harrisburg to reach their potential and achieve the goals they have set out to accomplish. By offering the choice of numerous K-12 pathways, emphasizing student empowerment, and providing the resources needed for applied, personal, and differentiated lessons, learners are given every opportunity to maximize their experience in Harrisburg. Whether it is in our traditional, gifted, personalized, or special education classrooms, the results have been clear: our students are reaching higher than their counterparts across the region and country. Harrisburg has become a training ground for all families who wish for their children to become college, career, and life ready. Through the aid of state and federal funds, various grants, and industry partnerships, we have been able to create an environment in which learners in all grade levels are exposed to specialized training for a variety of fields on a daily basis. We are confident that when our learners walk across the graduation stage, they will be ready for any endeavor they may wish to pursue. As we enter this new school year, we look forward to serving you to the best of our abilities!