Whether you're from out-of-state or just outside of town, we welcome you to the Harrisburg School District and are happy to have you as our latest Tiger Family! As a new family in the fastest-growing district in the State of South Dakota, here's some information we'd like you to know about us:

Our Growth


About Us

Harrisburg, South Dakota is located just off Interstate 29 in the southeast corner of the state, nearing the borders of Minnesota and Iowa, approximately four hours from Minneapolis and three hours from Omaha.

The Harrisburg School District, consisting of the entirety of Harrisburg and a portion of southern Sioux Falls, is a family-friendly community with a variety of housing options for all income levels in safe, welcoming neighborhoods. As the community grows, new neighborhoods, parks, businesses, and recreational areas are continuously emerging.

Small-Town Living, Big City Access

Our District's location makes access to entertainment, dining, recreation, healthcare and other activities easy and convenient for our staff and residents.

Our Schools

The Harrisburg School District serves approximately 6,100 students over 76 square miles between southern Sioux Falls and Harrisburg, South Dakota. Our District is the fastest-growing in the State and shows no signs of slowing down! Since 2001, our District has grown 678%!

We currently have one high school, one freshman academy, three middle schools, and eight elementary schools.

Our Demographics

Numbers may vary.

Our Community

bridge magazine

Community Leaders Building Bridges

The Bridge Magazine is a partnership between the Harrisburg School District, The City of Harrisburg, and the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce. You can find our magazines in local businesses around town quarterly, or check them out online anytime.


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Giving you more than just the 411, this is the Harrisburg 41-2 Podcast. In this podcast, you'll discover how a 592% increase in student enrollment over the past two decades has presented some unique challenges that have given rise to forward-thinking solutions, while also providing opportunities for the development of innovative student programs. Coming to you from the Harrisburg School District in southern Sioux Falls and Harrisburg, South Dakota.

bridge magazine

Better Together: Building Partnerships Between Schools, Community & Business

The Harrisburg community is growing rapidly both residentially and in new businesses. Harrisburg School District welcomes business or individual partnerships, whether it be through career exploration opportunities with our high school students or through sponsorships of the many innovative projects developing around the District.

School Boundaries

Elementary Boundaries


View Our Elementary School Boundaries

Middle School Boundaries


View Our Middle School Boundaries

High School Boundaries

Currently, our District has one high school. As such, there are no school boundaries for high school students.


A Freshman Academy is under construction and is expected to be complete in the Fall of 2023 which all freshman in the District will attend. This will not effect high school boundaries.

The Tiger Advantage

Harrisburg School District is known for its innovative programming and for providing the latest educational technologies for students and staff.

Learning Pathways

Learning Pathway opportunities begin in elementary school and carry on through out students' educational careers. The Harrisburg School District believes that every student can learn, although the path each one takes may be different. The District supports our learners through a variety of programs designed to meet them where they are and guide them to a successful entrance into continuing two-year or four-year education programs or with the skills they need to enter workforce.


Learn About HSD Pathways

HSD Technology

Harrisburg School District's Digital Learning EnvironmentTechnology Program allows students to navigate their world of digital technology now and in the future. Increasing access to technology is essential to provide opportunities for students to use their devices effectively, responsibly, and ethically as an educational tool to benefit their learning.

Harrisburg School District provides many of the latest technology tools for teachers and students to have the best opportunities to learn. Some of grade levels have one-to-one take-home devices. Many classrooms have smartboards or large flatscreen televisions with casting capabilities. See what else HSD Technology has to offer.

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Learn About HSD Technology


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