HSD Branding Guidelines

The Harrisburg School District believes it is important to maintain a consistent, identifiable brand. As such, the following guidelines have been developed to provide a consistent look throughout our publications, websites, and other materials.


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Logo Use

The Harrisburg School District logo is trademarked with the State of South Dakota. Use of the logo must be authorized by the Harrisburg School District.

HSD Clubs, Activities & Student Organizations

All District activities must review the HSD Brand Guidelines for HSD Activities, Clubs & Student Organizations and complete the HSD Activities, Clubs & Student Organization Logo Use Agreement. HSDConnect

Non-District Entity Use

All non-district-associated (non-profit) entities (PTO's, Boosters, Non-Sanctioned Activities) must review the HSD Non-District Entities Brand Guidelines document and complete the Non-District Entity Logo-Usage Agreement.

Commercial Use

All commercial (for profit) entities must review the HSD Brand Guidelines for Commercial Use document and complete the Logo-Usage Agreement for Commercial Use.

Exempt Items: Exempt items include consumables such as graduation cakes, plates, napkins, balloons or graduation announcements, and parent-to-vendor purchases of class rings, letterman jackets, etc.

Vendor Application

All Vendors must be approved by the Harrisburg School District. The Harrisburg logo must be used according to the HSD Brand Design Guidelines for retail and non-retail use. Failure to comply to these guidelines will result in the removal of approved vendor status. Vendor Application

Approved District Logos

HSD Logos

Correct Usage of District Logos


DO use a .PNG file format (with a transparent background) when putting image against a color background.



  • Redrawing, tracing, scanning, or use of photocopies of the logo results in distortion and a loss of sharpness.

  • Do not use a low-quality image (blurry, pixelated).

  • Avoid using design features such as skewing, rotating, or including the logo as part of a pattern or larger image. Such uses tend to diminish the goal of visual consistency set forth in these guidelines.

  • Do not outline, emboss, bevel, or add other special effects.

  • Do not add any additional design elements or text.


Do NOT use a .jpg image with white background against a colored background.

do not


Do NOT change the color of the logo.

do not recolor


Do NOT crop the logo.

do not crop


Do NOT stretch the logo.

do not stretch

Approved District Colors

TheTable following colors should be used for all HSD materials. Alternative colors should be avoided.

Primary Color


Tiger Maroon

HEX: #6C1C24

RGB: 108, 28, 36

PMS: 188 CP

Accent Color



HEX: #474646

RGB: 71, 70, 70

PMS: 4147 U

Primary Color


Tiger Gold


RGB: 251, 172, 28

PMS: 1235 CP

Accent Color

cool gray

Cool Gray

HEX: #A4A4A4

RGB: 164, 164, 164

PMS: 6 U

Primary Accent



HEX: #000000

RGB: 0, 0, 0



Bright White


RGB: 255, 255, 255