Technology Meeting the Needs of Learners in Harrisburg

In an expanding school district growing at a pace as fast as the Harrisburg School District continues to grow, the need for the best technology also increases. Thanks to the hard-working Tech Department the school provides, this demand is met. Two people that contribute to this department include Brian Plahn, the high school’s integrationist, and Michael Christopherson, the district’s technology director.

These two people work with a very talented technology team. Mr. Plahn explained the size of the district’s tech department: “Each building has one technology integrationist. There are an additional 1 part-time and 6 full-time employees in the technology department that work district-wide.” Right now, the tech department has been able to provide all of Harrisburg High School’s students with MacBooks; they also have provided middle school students with iPads. Mr. Plahn said they mainly work on making sure the “software they have downloaded on computers is up to date and working properly.”

In the future, Mr. Christopher explained that he and his crew hope to complete the following tasks: “Continue to move the needle on transforming, accommodating, and improving their services, expand single sign-on and rostering of all district provided applications so that staff and students can seamlessly and securely access all applications, and expand their information/data side of the department to have greater data interoperability that allows them to make even better data-driven decisions.” Students and staff can expect to see these advancements to the Harrisburg School District’s technology in the next five to ten years.