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HARRISBURG, SD, January 13, 2024 - Patrick Transportation Services has made a substantial impact on education in the district by donating 2,000 dictionaries to all 2nd-5th graders. This unexpected gift promises to enhance literacy among students who, in the age of technology, may not have had access to such a resource.

The dictionaries are a valuable asset for students across the district. In addition to benefiting individual students, the dictionaries address a significant need in the community. "For families with English Language (EL) learners, these dictionaries serve as a valuable at-home resource," Tanya Rasmussen, Education Services Director for the District, said.

Patrick Transportation Services is owned and operated by Lynn Wiebers, whose son graduated from Harrisburg High School in 2015. Lynn says, "I’d heard great things about these dictionaries from a vendor of ours, particularly related to the modern illustration in them, and thought it would be a great way to get books into the hands of our local kids! and  I am pleased that the dictionaries can be shared with future HHS grads!"

This sentiment was echoed by a 4th-grade teacher at Explorer Elementary. "My kids are so excited about the dictionaries! I gave them out this morning, and right now, they are calling out words and then racing to see who can find the word first. Then they are reading the definition. Who knew they could be sooooo much fun! I love it!" shared Stephenie Schroeder, capturing the enthusiasm sparked by the unexpected educational tools.

The district-wide distribution of dictionaries to all 2nd to 5th graders further underscores the positive impact of local business connections in our District. Thank you to Patrick Transportation Services! Together, we are building a stronger and more literate community for all.