secondary TOY

The Harrisburg School District takes immense pride in announcing Kaye DesLauriers as the HSD Secondary Teacher of the Year, a testament to her exceptional dedication to both teaching and extracurricular excellence. DesLauriers, a cornerstone of the English department at Harrisburg High School since 2013, has not only excelled in delivering an innovative and comprehensive curriculum but has also significantly contributed to the success of the HHS Volleyball program.

Through her leadership as the English Department Chair and her involvement in various committees, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape within the high school. During her time at HHS, Kaye DesLauriers has made indelible contributions as an English teacher, empowering her students as effective communicators and critical thinkers. Her classroom focuses on contemporary and impactful topics, encouraging students to research, develop informed opinions, and engage with their community. Additionally, her integration of Artificial Intelligence discussions and ethical considerations into the curriculum showcases her commitment to preparing students for the complexities of the future. By fostering a classroom environment that values trust, respect, and mutual engagement, DesLauriers ensures that her students are not only prepared academically, but are also empathetic individuals who value their role in the broader community.

Outside the classroom, DesLauriers has demonstrated her versatility and commitment by contributing to the school's athletic success as an Assistant Volleyball Coach for over a decade. Under her guidance, the volleyball team has clinched the State Championship title four times, an achievement that speaks volumes of her coaching acumen. Her dedication and skill in coaching have been recognized on three occasions with the Assistant Coach of the Year award, further highlighting her exceptional contributions to the school's sports programs.

kaye & familyA South Dakota native, Kaye graduated from Northern State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Education. She is currently nearing the completion of her Master's with a 4.0 GPA while also juggling family life with her husband, Trent. Together, they are raising two sons: Dashel, who at four is set to join the Tiger team next year, and Drake, who is approaching his second birthday.

DesLauriers' multifaceted role in the Harrisburg School District showcases her as an educator who profoundly impacts the intellectual, physical, and emotional development of our students. As we celebrate her achievements and dedication, we are reminded of the powerful influence a committed educator can have on the lives of students, extending far beyond the confines of the classroom or the boundaries of the sports field. Join us in congratulating Kaye DesLauriers for this well-deserved honor, as we look forward to her continued impact on our school community.

ARCH INC.The Harrisburg School District extends heartfelt gratitude to Architecture Incorporated for their remarkable generosity as the proud sponsor of our staff recognition awards. Their support enables us to award $1,000 to exceptional staff members across four categories, including Support Staff, Special Services, Elementary Teacher of the Year, and Secondary Teacher of the Year. Architecture Inc.'s contribution plays a crucial role in honoring and celebrating the unwavering dedication and hard work of our staff, who consistently make a significant impact in our school community.