dana bigge

In the halls of Harrisburg High School, where every role plays a pivotal part in fostering the success of our students, the Harrisburg School District proudly announces Dana Bigge, HHS School Counselor, as the recipient of the esteemed Special Services Staff Member of the Year Award. This honor not only highlights Dana’s unparalleled dedication but also her profound impact on students, teachers, and the broader school community.

Dana’s role as a counselor goes beyond conventional boundaries, focusing on mental health, academic success, and college/career preparation. Her philosophy centers on treating each student as an individual, investing time to understand their passions, challenges, and aspirations. Mrs. Bigge's office is a space where students are greeted with warmth and leave feeling seen and valued. This approach is a testament to her belief in the power of empathy, respect, and personalized support.

Dana BiggeHer efforts to cultivate a safe environment where students can express themselves freely are crucial. Dana champions the idea that it’s "okay not to be okay," providing students with the space to be themselves unapologetically. This philosophy not only aids in building confidence and resilience but also in cultivating a supportive and understanding community.

Additionally, Dana’s impact extends through her role as the Assistant Coach of the HHS Girls Basketball team, where she has served for 11 years. Her involvement in athletics complements her counseling work, showcasing her dedication to supporting students in all aspects of their lives.

Balancing her professional accomplishments, Dana is also a devoted mother and wife. Her husband, Chad, and their two children, Brooks, a first grader at Freedom Elementary, and Jules, their three-year-old daughter, provide her with a solid foundation of love and support.

The Special Services Staff Member of the Year Award, accompanied by a generous $1,000 award from Architecture, Inc., is a testament to Dana’s extraordinary contributions to the Harrisburg School District. This award underscores the importance of recognizing outstanding individuals who contribute significantly to the educational environment.

“I am honored to have received this nomination,” says Dana. “I love this school and the opportunities we provide to our learners.”

As we celebrate Dana Bigge’s achievements and her dedication to fostering growth and success, we are reminded of the profound impact compassionate and dedicated staff can have on a community. Dana embodies the values of the Harrisburg School District, making her a deserving recipient of this year’s Special Services Staff Member of the Year Award.

ARCH INC.The Harrisburg School District extends heartfelt gratitude to Architecture Incorporated for their remarkable generosity as the proud sponsor of our staff recognition awards. Their support enables us to award $1,000 to exceptional staff members across four categories, including Support Staff, Special Services, Elementary Teacher of the Year, and Secondary Teacher of the Year. Architecture Inc.'s contribution plays a crucial role in honoring and celebrating the unwavering dedication and hard work of our staff, who consistently make a significant impact in our school community.