David Chapin

Within the halls of educational excellence in the Harrisburg School District, every role is essential in shaping the overarching success of our learners. Among these critical contributors, David Chapin stands out for his commitment to creating and maintaining a conducive learning environment. This year, we are proud to honor David as the HSD Support Staff Member of the Year, a recognition of his indispensable role in our school community.

David's journey to the Harrisburg School District is deeply rooted in the lessons and experiences from growing up on a farm, where self-reliance and ingenuity were part of daily life. This upbringing instilled in him a profound passion for understanding how things work and a commitment to solving problems with one's hands and intellect.

David ChapinSince his arrival, David has been the dedicated steward of Harrisburg High School's physical environment ensuring that every aspect supports the educational pursuits of our students and the professional endeavors of our staff. His work philosophy highlights a simple yet impactful truth: a well-maintained and efficiently operated school is foundational to the academic and personal growth of our students.

More than just maintaining the facilities, David's approach is about nurturing relationships and fostering a spirit of collaboration. Whether it's helping a new team member, responding to needs across buildings, or ensuring our facilities impress every visitor, David's actions are driven by a belief in teamwork and the shared mission of enriching our educational environment.

As we celebrate David Chapin's dedication and honor him with the Support Staff Member of the Year Award, we acknowledge the vital role that support staff play in our educational community. David embodies the dedication, excellence, and compassion that propel the Harrisburg School District forward, making him not just a staff member, but a vital part of Harrisburg High School's daily success.

ARCH INC.The Harrisburg School District extends heartfelt gratitude to Architecture Incorporated for their remarkable generosity as the proud sponsor of our staff recognition awards. Their support enables us to award $1,000 to exceptional staff members across four categories, including Support Staff, Special Services, Elementary Teacher of the Year, and Secondary Teacher of the Year. Architecture Inc.'s contribution plays a crucial role in honoring and celebrating the unwavering dedication and hard work of our staff, who consistently make a significant impact in our school community.