Meeting Learners Where They Are in 2020

Above all else, the Harrisburg School District has always placed a priority on meeting the individual needs of learners, supporting families, and putting our Harrisburg and Sioux Falls communities first. In 2020, this mantra has become more important than ever as we work to support to our learners and families in the middle of a global pandemic. While the ultimate goal of ensuring that our learners are college, career, and life ready has remained constant, our team of educators has worked tirelessly in recent months to develop innovative approaches and solutions to address academics, social and emotional growth, and basic needs for those who call the Harrisburg School District home.

By offering the choice of numerous in-person and virtual PK-12 pathways, empowering learners to take ownership over their own education, and providing the resources needed for applied, personal, and differentiated instructional strategies, we are confident that the infrastructure put in place will allow our education community to thrive as leaders in the region. Our priority has, and always will be, meeting learners wherever they are at in their educational journey, and while the landscape upon which this occurs has certainly changed over the past several months, our determination to do this effectively has not wavered.

As a district, we care personally for every individual who is part of our learning community. While our district continues to grow rapidly, we have maintained the close-knit “small town feel” that has always defined who we are through a welcoming, personal philosophy of educating our youth. We are confident that when our learners walk across the graduation stage, they are ready for any journey they wish to pursue. Harrisburg is a place for families who both desire and deserve the best education we can provide for their children. As we enter this new school year, we look forward to serving you to the best of our abilities and welcome you to play an active role in your child’s educational journey!

2020 Annual Report | 2020 Annual Report Brochure

Dr. Michael Amolins | Director of Instruction & Federal Programs  | Harrisburg School District

Dr. Tanya Rasmussen  |  Director of Educational Services  | Harrisburg School District