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Did You KNow?

The Harrisburg School District has seen unprecedented growth over the past 20 years, making it the fastest-growing district in South Dakota.

The Right Size at the Right Time.

On June 1, 2021, residents of the Harrisburg School District will decide whether to approve a bond for 1) a new middle school needed to address current overcrowding and serve increasingly larger classes at the lower grade levels, and 2) the construction of a freshman academy, the first phase in a multi-phase project, to address overcrowding at the high school, which will reach capacity in the next three years. Once the high school population reaches 2,200 - 2,400 students, the freshman academy will be expanded to a second full 9-12 high school.

Why Not Build a Second 9-12 High School Now? 


Timing is Everything.

  • Building a second complete high school for 9-12 grade students now would result in higher taxes.
  • By the time a second full high school is needed, additional bonds are expected to be paid off, and continued growth in taxable valuation would allow additional facilities to be added without having to raise taxes.
  • If the current high school population was split in half, academic offerings and extracurricular activities would likely take a step backward. It would be more difficult to compete with larger AA schools.
  • The design of the high school facility would allow for future growth, when needed, to ensure we can accommodate our students' needs now and in the future without having to increase taxes by building too much too soon.

cost breakdown

If Voters Approve

  • A new middle school would be built on previously purchased land in the area of 69th Street and Southeastern Avenue to address overcrowding at the middle school level.
  • A new freshman academy would be built on the site of a complete future 9-12 high school; located on previously purchased land in the area south of 85th Street and west of Cliff Avenue. 
  • The facility would accommodate all freshmen in the District for several years.
  • The design accommodates expansion of the facility when 9-12 enrollment reaches 2,200 - 2,400 students. Both buildings would then become complete 9-12 high schools.
  • High school boundary lines would not need to be drawn until a second 9-12 high school is needed.

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If Voters Do Not Approve

  • At the middle school level, crowding would continue, especially at North Middle School. Both the high school and middle schools are anticipated to exceed capacity in 2023.
  • Students would need to be bused further distances to balance middle school numbers. 
  • It may be necessary to add less cost-effective additions to current facilities and/or use portable/modular outdoor classrooms at the middle and high school levels.

Ballot Question 

Shall the Harrisburg School District No. 41-2, Lincoln and Minnehaha counties, South Dakota, issue its negotiable general obligation school bonds in a principle amount not exceeding $60,000,000, issues in one or more series, bearing interest at such rates as may be determined by the school board, payable and maturing from 1 and not to exceed 25 years after the date of issuance, for the purpose of financing school facilities including (1) a new middle school, (2) a new freshman academy, (3) new parking surface lots, (4) sitework, (5) infrastructure costs of utilities servicing the new buildings, (6) the furnishing and equipping of the same, and (7) the costs of issuing the bonds? 

Middle School

middle school

  • Location: Bison Trail & Southeastern Avenue,  Sioux Falls, just South of 69th Street
  • Building a one-story building modeled after North Middle School will save on design fees, resulting in significant savings to taxpayers.
  • Facilities would include a food servery, commons, gym, performing arts center, administrative offices, library, academic classrooms, athletic fields, and track.*

Freshman Academy 

Freshman Academy

  • Location: West side of S. Cliff Avenue, Sioux Falls, a few blocks South of 85th Street
  • Phase 1 would include a two-story building with food servery, commons, auxiliary gym, administrative offices, library, and academic classrooms for all freshmen in the District, and also include sitework for both phases to save costs.*
  • Outdoor areas would include green space for sub-varsity grass athletic fields. A soft surface track will not be included; however, there will be an asphalt-based track for wellness/physical education classes. When Phase 2 is complete, it is anticipated both 9-12 high schools will use the current stadium for varsity competitions.

Absentee Voting Available

Any registered voter of Harrisburg School District can take advantage of early voting in-person or by mail before June 1, 2021.

Voting In-PersonVote in-Person on June 1 
Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 4 PM*
*excluding Memorial Day

Vote Early in:
Polls will be open 7 AM - 7 PM
Tuesday June 1

Polling Day Locations:
Harrisburg Residents
District Office • 200 E Willow St.
Residents of Harrisburg, Springdale, Dayton, LaValley & Perry Townships
HSD Community Room, (East Side of Building), Liberty Elementary, 200 E Willow St. • Harrisburg
Sioux Falls Residents
North Middle School
2201 W 95th St.
Residents of Sioux Falls & Delapre Township
North Middle School
2201 W 95th St. • Sioux Falls 
Voting by Mail 
Download and Print an Absentee Ballot Application Form at:
Mail the Original, Signed Application to:
Business Manager
PO Box 187 • 200 E Willow St. Harrisburg, SD 57032