social worker month

District Social Workers Shine Bright for Students & Families in Need

The Harrisburg School District would like to recognize our District Social Workers, Lynda Nix and Traci Johnson, who help to remove barriers to learning that impede children’s ability to access and benefit from their education. Social work is a humble profession. School Social Workers shine brightly for their students, families, and school communities. Shining hope. Shining understanding. Shining respect. We thank these ladies for all they do for our students and families in the community!

About the Profession of Social Work

Social work has been around since the early 1900's. (Constable, 2009) According to, "The American social work profession was established in the late 19th century to ensure that immigrants and other vulnerable people gained tools and skills to escape economic and social poverty." To this day, these individuals shine a light for students and families who face various challenges, and light the way for marginalized youth.