This learner was nominated for the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay by Mrs. Schaefers for cleaning the playground this am without being asked. Thank you for your hard work and showing respect for our school community! @pringarrett
about 18 hours ago, Principal Garrett
Harrisburg Summer Drama Camp (SPA) is open for registration! Any current K-5th graders are invited to have some fun exploring theatre this summer! For more information:
about 21 hours ago, Harrisburg Fine Arts
Horizon Elementary goes #RedForEd
3 days ago, Principal Garrett
Red for Ed
We are so proud of the writing this 4th grader has been doing. She wanted to share the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay with her 3rd grade friend. @pringarrett
4 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News
good news
#TeamHorizon is taking a moment today to celebrate those on the team who are involved with social work in the Harrisburg District. It is an honor to have Mrs. Nix and her two interns supporting the students of Horizon Elementary! Happy #SchoolSocialWorkWeek to an all-star Team!
5 days ago, Horizon Elementary
social workers
This learner rocked his goals this week and earned some extra gym time! Mom shared in the celebration with the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay @pringarrett
8 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News
What do you do when your boots match your teacher's boots? Why you take a fun picture of course!
9 days ago, Principal Garrett
These terrific Tigers invited a 4th-grader to join their basketball game at recess today and took the time to teach the new friend how to play. Horizon is #TigerProud to share this #GoodNewsPostoftheDay!
9 days ago, Horizon Elementary
2.25 gnc
This learner was so thoughtful and gave a "bit of money" to Mrs. Archer to buy additional art supplies. We shared the #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay with mom. @pringarrett
10 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good news
This young lady is empathetic and cares about others. She is a great role model for her classmates in making choices to do the right thing in peer interactions. #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay @pringarrett
11 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News
Motivational Monday is going strong at Horizon!
12 days ago, Principal Garrett
be Kind
Thank you Tiny Tigers for brightening Fridays for staff at Horizon Elementary. @pringarrett
15 days ago, Principal Garrett
tiny tigers
tiny tigers
This JK learner accepts extra responsibilities daily to help her friends open milk cartons, veggie packages, and change out masks. She is a great advocate for her friends and treats everyone with respect and kindness. #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay @pringarrett
17 days ago, Principal Garrett
good news!
Good news 2
Positive Messages fill the classrooms and hallways of Horizon Elementary! @pringarrett
18 days ago, Principal Garrett
Positive Messages
10:15 AM Start today. Drop off will begin at 9:50AM. There is no Breakfast. All students should enter through the front door.
18 days ago, Principal Garrett
drop off
Cᴏ-Cᴜʀʀɪᴄᴜʟᴀʀ Oᴘᴇɴɪɴɢs  Student Council Advisor (HHS) Head Competitive Dance Coach (HHS) Assistant Varsity Track Coach (HHS) Volleyball Coach – two openings (NMS) Cʟᴀssɪғɪᴇᴅ Oᴘᴇɴɪɴɢs  Night Cleaning Crew (TBD) Special Education Assistant (TBD) Tutor (NMS)    Cᴇʀᴛɪғɪᴇᴅ Oᴘᴇɴɪɴɢs  Elementary Teachers - TBD Elementary EL Teacher -TBD Elementary/MS Band Teacher (ADVENTURE/SMS) Certified Library Media Specialist (ADVENTURE) .5 Instructional Coach/Reading & Math Interventionist (HORIZON) 7th Grade ELA Teacher (NMS) ELA Teachers – two openings (NMS) Math/Science Teacher (SMS) PE/Wellness Teacher w/1 Section Computers (SMS) Social Science Teacher (SMS) Social Science Teacher (LEAP) Art Teacher (HHS) CTE Building Trades Teacher (HHS) English Teacher (HHS) Math Teacher (HHS) Science Teacher (HHS) Social Science Teacher (HHS) Special Education Life Skills Teacher (HHS) Special Education STEP Academy/Adaptive Teacher (HHS)
23 days ago, Harrisburg School District
Mrs. Nielsen shared - From the moment she began at Horizon, she has been inclusive of everyone, is a positive influence on her peers & works incredibly hard. Because of her dedication, she has grown leaps and bounds in both Math and Reading!  #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay @pringarrett
24 days ago, Principal Garrett
Good News
Cocoa and Canvas looks a little different this year but staff is finding a way to make #OneWord2021 happen! #SmallerGroups #Watercolors
25 days ago, Principal Garrett
Mrs. Kerkaert gave the nomination for #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay to this K Kid for an AmAzInG job participating in calendar and being a PAWS role model for his class. Papa loved the call! @pringarrett
26 days ago, Principal Garrett
good news
We had fun with Jersey Day to end our SoUPER BOWL Food Drive. The NFC North was well represented at Horizon even though they will not be in the Super Bowl this year. Thanks to all the students who brought donations and made this a fun competition! @pringarrett
29 days ago, Principal Garrett
food drive